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The invention relates to a conveyor (10) for conveying powdery or granular bulk material, in particular of bulk material, which tends to lump or cake, with a trough (12) for receiving the bulk material to be conveyed and the bulk material from the trough (12) promotional Screw conveyor (18). So that the conveyor (10) is suitable not only for metering the bulk material but also for …

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Agglomerations, hard lumps and completely hardened container contents can be broken up with EMDE clump breakers. Long-term experience with various products from various sectors has gone into the design of our lump breakers. They form the basis for this innovative technology. Lump breakers in a plastics plant. Customer-specific variants and many ...

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If you carefully observe a lump breaker's rotor design, it will easily reveal that mounting the lump breaker so material flows from the bin and down around the rotor will easily fill its housing. This puts an excessive load on the rotor (s) because there is no room to move or to displace the material during rotation.

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LUMP BREAKER • FLEXIBLE SCREW CONVEYORS • SCREW CONVEYORS • BULK BAG UNLOADERS • BULK BAG FILLERS • HORIZONTAL RIBBON MIXERS • VOLUMETRIC AND GRAVIMETRIC SCREW FEEDERS • Particulary suitable for breaking crumbly lumps of powder or granules contained inside bags and bulk bags due to the

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Lump breaker range The lump crusher is ideal for making a crushing operation of material having a tendency to form clumps. The rapid rotation of the blades causes the fragmentation of clods. Our lump breakers are the perfect solution for grinding materials that tend to form lumps.

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PneuCONVEYOR Lump Breaker Features • Reduces pieces or lumps from 6" to 1/16" • Heavy-duty single/double shaft rotor, V-belt driven • Easily replaceable rotating and fixed blades • Drilled for air purge seals • V-belt drive with guard pneuCONVEYOR Lump Breaker Benefits • Economical means of reducing compacted material

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3.1 "Comb" design. The simpler lump breakers are using a system of static pins that are intermeshing with the teeth or blades of the agitator in order to break the lumps. The gap in between the "comb" of static pins (also called a breaker grid or breaker bars) and those of the agitator is determining up to which size the lumps will be crushed.

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Unfortunately, lumps and natural agglomerations can slow down the conveying process, or even send it to a complete halt. When this happens, you need a lump breaker unit to get things back on track. Hapman, which designs and manufactures some of the best bulk material handling systems and equipment in the world, has an answer for these pesky clumps – our state-of-the …

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Installation under a big bag emptying station is also possible. Due to its design, the lump breaker is easy to clean and, due to our type model examination, it can also be used in dust and gas ex-zones. The RNT180 has a buffer volume of approx. 180 liters and can be expanded to up to 400 litres, if required. In addition, the station can be used ...

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The lump breakers crush agglomerated bulk and lump materials down to the desired size: From coarse to very fine-grained pieces. No matter if soft or very hard lumps – our crushing technology works powerfully and reliably.

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The lumps are being transported by Z-conveyor to the lump breaker NW 300 inlet. After crushing, the now free-flowing product is discharged to the buffer bin, ready to be handed over to the next process step, i.e. to a mixer or extruder. Example: Bag or BIG-BAG-Emptying Lumps and agglomerates occur during storage of bulk solids in bags or big-bags.

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Featuring counter-rotating dual shafts, outboard bearings and a direct coupled drive, this equipment is designed to reduce lumps to approximately ¾" and allow material to be effectively handled by downstream conveyors. LumpMaster Operation Clumping prevention begins when material enters the LumpMaster through the opening in the top.

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Luxme's Lump Breaker is a very efficient way to reduce the size of lumps or compacted materials prior to conveying. The Lump Breaker comes in different sizes and models depending on your particular needs.

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The DLP Lump Breaker consists of a square cross section casing with upper and lower flange, two horizontal rotating shafts equipped with chopping knives, a grid to hold back lumps, four end bearing assemblies with integrated adjustable shaft seal, an appropriately sized drive unit complete with power transmission.

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The Lump Breaker model AGR-BREAKER allows to crush the lumps that could form in the materials during the production process or the handling of powders.. The Lump Breaker Systems are particularly suitable for hygroscopic materials or those that tend to clog, and thanks to their versatility can be used in all industrial sectors.. It is characterized by a self-cleaning design …

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Allegheny Manufacturing designs and manufactures heavy- duty conveyor systems for many different applications, from fine powders to large lump materials. We provide a total capability relative to the design, manufacture and installation of custom engineered belt conveyors and systems suited to the complete range of bulk materials handling requirements.

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WAM Inc. - Georgia Division 75 Boulderbrook Circle Lawrenceville, GA 30045 USA Phone +1 770 339 67 67 Fax +1 770 339 47 27 WAM Inc. - Texas Division 1300 Triad Blvd.

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Lump breakers make processing easier, by eliminating blockages and improving product flow. The Compact design allows integration in to a chute or conveyor discharge. Constructed from Stainless Steel, including paired counter rotating shafts options of arms or blades accurately indexed along their lengths, giving minimum clearance between the mesh to the desired …

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Twin shaft for high throughput rates. Available in Carbon steel, Stainless steel 304 & 316. DLP 035 Lump Breaker Model with throughputs of 25 to 35 m³ / hr. DLP 050 Lump Breaker Model with throughputs of 40 to 50 m³ / hr. Available with Fixed speed gear motor, Variable speed drive or Chain and gear transmission. Open DLP Lump Breakers Brochure.

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Our lump breakers are the perfect solution for grinding materials that tend to form lumps. The lump breaker allows to break the lumps that form during the production or transportation process of friable materials in powder or grain. The fast rotation of specially shaped blades through a fixed mesh gives an efficient lump breaking action.

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The DLP Lump Breakers consist of a square casing with upper and lower flange, two horizontal rotating shafts equipped with chopping knives, a grid to hold back lumps, four end bearing assemblies with integrated adjustable shaft seal, an appropriately sized drive unit complete with power transmission. Twin shaft for high throughput rates.

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Lump Breaker - Luxme Tubular Chain Conveyors A typical lump breaker comes with two counter-rotating shafts which break compacted oragglomerated materials into more manageable parts. It is usually lo ed at the beginningof a conveying system.The size and complexity of its design will change depending on your.

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Lump Breaker. The main function of the Claudius Peters Lump Breaker is crushing of lumps which have formed, for instance, due to hydration in silos or bins. A horizontal or vertical type lump breaker is available and is used in the discharge area in front of the discharge equipment, for example flow control gates.

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The Lump Breaker is designed for breaking up friable lumps & agglomerates that have formed in dry powders and granules. Use & Application - Lump Breakers are commonly used to process powders prior to pneumatic conveying, sifting, blending, feeding and can be installed in chutes ducts & conveying systems

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The lump breaker breaks down stock with rotary knives. Lump Breakers are commonly used to process powders prior to pneumatic conveying, sifting, blending, feeding and can be installed in chutes ducts & conveying systems. They can also be fitted with a hopper for batch operation. It can reduce material.

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Lump Breakers Volkmann Lump Breakers with their rotating blades can be used in a wide variety of applications where material lumps can hamper the production process. They often play an integral role in a pneumatic conveying line, where it is necessary to reduce the size of agglomerate powders or granules before introdu-cing them to the ...

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GIMAT lump breakers are produced in both round and square/rectangular versions, depending on needs. The round version measures diam.250 mm and 400 mm, the square 250 x 250 or 320 x 320 mm in monorotor version like the round model. The square 500 x 500 mm version and the rectangular 800 x 500 mm version have a dual rotor for the higher capacity and greater lump …

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Crushers and lump breakers are used to reduce lumps in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foods, agricultural feeds, pet food, aggregates, and other materials, to a consistent size. The offerings range from slow-speed machines for coarse or hard materials, to higher-speed machines that produce finer discharge sizes.

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Lump Breaker, Lumpbreakers, Pneumatic Conveying, Vacuum Conveyors, Pressure Conveyor, Flour, Sugar Lumpbreaker - Lump Breaker - Lump Crusher - Rock Crusher Lumpbreakers - Lump Breakers - Lump Crushers - Sugar - Flour Lumpbreaker have a single or double shaft rotor with evenly spaced impacting fingers and fixed combs on the side walls. These