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Serena Business Manager, now, Solutions Business Manager (SBM) is a process management platform that aims to improve productivity in all phases of process automation. Integrating Serena Business Manager with rest of the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) ecosystem – the development, bug tracking, issue tracking, and service management ...

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Dimensions CM provides software change and configuration management. In-built change, version, build, baseline, deployment and release support provide end to end lifecycle management. Govern open source Git or SVN repositories to ease adoption, lower costs and increase efficiency, quality, and compliance.

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electronic, mechanical, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Serena. Any reproduction of such software product user documentation, regardless of whether the documentation is reproduced in whole or in part, must be accompanied by this copyright statement in its entirety, without modification. This document

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Serena History. Knowing what has changed in a software environment is as critical today as it was in 1980 when Serena began. From our very first product Comparex – performing high-speed comparisons between mainframe data sources – to our latest Release Management and Deployment Automation – coordinating advanced Enterprise DevOps teams to ...

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You can find help for SBM in the following locations: Documentation Center Visit the Documentation Center to find help systems, PDFs, release notes, and videos. The Documentation Center is a public portal that enables you to search, browse, or download the latest SBM documentation or view older versions in the extensive documentation archive.

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They used SBM to reduce customer service request response times from 6 weeks to 6 minutes. And CareerBuilder is going to speak about uniting the power of SBM with existing investments in SharePoint – a "don't miss" for customers that use SharePoint as their document store and portal. KP: Thanks, Amita. Going to be a great track.


The SBM documentation set includes the following manuals in PDF format. Most documents are installed with SBM; to obtain a document that is not installed with the product or to download the complete documentation set, visit support. Manual Description Serena® Business Manager Installation and Configuration Guide

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Chapter 1: Welcome to SBM Reporting SBMprovides a wide range of reporting capabilities. The reporting capabilities available to you depend on your user privileges. About This Document This document provides guidance for creating and usingSBMreports. The guide's primary audience is users who create and run reports of all types.

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The Quick Tour links direct users to the Doc Center ( or for SBM 11.8+). ... Document Type. Knowledge Documents. Article Total View Count. 6. Article Created Date. 12/04/2022 12:32. Title. SBM: Providing locally …

SBM: How to validate the IIS Setup and Roles on a new SBM Server

Micro Focus - Serena Documentation Center Situation The most common problem when setting up a new SBM Server is that the IIS Roles are not setup correctly as described in the Installation Guide. When some IIS Roles are missing or the wrong roles included, SBM will exhibit many different errors or problems.

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Recommendation. The improvements described in this bulletin apply to SBM 11.7.1. To take advantage of these improvements and safeguard your system, consider upgrading to version SBM 11.7.1. For detailed upgrade steps from earlier versions of SBM, refer to …

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Tule vesipuistoon ja rinteisiin! Vesipuisto Serena on Pohjoismaiden suurin ympärivuotinen vesipuisto. Serena Skistä löydät Etelä-Suomen siisteimmät rinteet!

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SBM's unique workflow, orchestration, and integration platform helps you automate your human-human, human-system, and system-system processes. Auditors enjoy SBM's easy reporting, while executives can keep an eye on status with custom dashboards. Solutions Business Manager has powerful built-in capabilities for: Tracking. Collaboration. Reporting.

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On December 4, 2013, Serena Software introduced new versions of Serena Release Manager, Serena Service Manager and SBM. This presentation is a brief introduction to the announcements with detail on how Serena Release Manager v5 addresses both the automation and people coordination and collaboration of a successful application release …

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notice. Except as specifically indicated otherwise, this document contains confidential information and a valid license is required for possession, use or copying. If this work is provided to the U.S. Government, consistent with FAR 12.211 and 12.212, Commercial Computer Software, Computer Software Documentation, and Technical

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REVISED SCHOOL-BASED MANAGEMENT ASSESSMENT TOOL (Version 1. as of August 5, 2012) Part I: Introduction The Revised School-Based Management (SBM) Assessment tool is guided by the four principles of ACCESs (A Child- and CommunityCentered Education System). The indicators of SBM practice were contextualized from the ideals of an …

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Micro Focus / Serena recognizes that virtualization technology provides significant utility and value to our customers. ... See Micro Focus Connect documentation for more details: Sharepoint Connector: SharePoint Connect for SBM 11.5: Supported: ... Customers on SBM 2008 or 2009 (R1-3) should upgrade first to SBM 2009 R4, ...

SBM: Search gives error "The Search index is currently building"

To fix this error: Open Configurator, and to the Common Services screen. Take note of path listed in the "Indexer directory path". This location is full. Space on this path must be freed up to allow the indexer to finish. It is fairly common for the Active Diagnostics log (which is stored on the same drive, by default) to take a lot of space.

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In SBM 10.1.5, users can add activity views to their dashboards. 6. Google-like search feature that helps to find relevant items from millions of items in just a few seconds. In SBM 10.1.5, search results will include documents attached to items. 7. "Facets" provide an easy way to filter search results for items, reports, and projects.

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Version 8.6.0. Readme File: Installation Information. The readme contains information, not included in the manuals or online help, on installing and using the current release of Version Manager. Additional information is available in KnowledgeBase articles available via your browser. The Version Manager readme consists of the following files:

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Micro Focus - Serena Software Product Documentation Search for information or select a product to browse its documentation list. Solutions Business Manager (SBM) View online help, PDFs, and videos for SBM and the SBM Mobile Client. Service Support Manager (SSM) View online help and PDFs for SSM and the SRC Mobile Client. Release Control (RLC)

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The SBM data is stored in an underlying relational database. This document describes the tables, columns, and relationships of the database. The reader should use this information cautiously to maintain compatibility with future versions of SBM. The SBM schema will be modified from time to time when necessary to implement new features.

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Go here to find PDFs, help systems, and readmes for SBM, Service Manager, Release Manager, and other Serena products. The most popular documents are on the "Doc Center", so it's probably the first place you should check. SaaS customers can also find SBM on-demand documentation on the Doc Center.

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Serena Work Center is now SBM Work Center. A new logo appears in SBM Work Center. SBM is now certified against Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). Note that SBM requires that both IPv4 and IPv6 stacks are present on each server, though IPv4 can be disabled. SBM 11.8 is available in U.S. English only.

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Although Chaiscript seems to be powerful and new, the documentation is not that good. Even more worse, SBM introduces new concepts, which are not documented. Not in the official (rare) Chaiscript documentation (obviously, because "Variant" is a SBM invention) and also not in the Modscript guide.

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Readme. The SBM readme contains important information about a particular SBM release, including what's new, additional changes, and steps for upgrading from a prior verison of SBM.Refer to the readme for each SBM upgrade that you perform. The readme is located on the Documentation Center.

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This document is intended for users who are considering purchasing and implementing SBM. It describes the simplest installation scenario to help you get a system running quickly. It also provides an introduction to process apps and how to get started with the sample process apps that Serena provides. This document describes how to install and ...


described in theSBM Installation and Configuration Guide. For more information aboutSBM, refer to theSBMdocumentation available at the Documentation Center. Getting Started Before you begin the install, familiarize yourself with the variousSBMserver components. • SBMComponents[page 5] • Comparison:SBM Composerand SBM Application ...

Table of Contents Part 1: Getting Started with the SBM User Workspace .......................................... 17 Chapter 1: Introducing the SBM User Workspace

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SBMers have been pioneering offshore energy for over 60 years, advancing the industry through the innovations of our products, services, digital solutions, and more. We recognize the people behind our track record and those leading our transformation today. That's why we are committed, as ever, to employing and developing the best talents.